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Fri 2020-11-27 02:00:39 UTC

Latest block: 128234, 2020-09-21 00:34:47 (67 days 1 hours ago)
Pending transactions: 0

Difficulty, 1 week ago1.24697935496147
Difficulty, 1 day ago1
Difficulty, now1
Average time per block last day (last 144 blocks) 10.41 min
Retarget interval progress74 of 144 blocks done
Estimated next difficulty1.0142630744849446

Miners, from block height 110954 (last 4 months)
1AdB57ttr9h4rJSQBvKXpbcfXaAmp8gtqR864050.00002820 BTE

Advanced views

Some features are only available when manually entering a url:

/blocks/128234?txlimit=2 - blocks listing only including blocks where number of transactions >= txlimit

/address/1eduGsrvBJcfyTMij2rYXk9viiVV78PNq?nocb=1 - address listing with coinbase txs removed

/stats/1000 - stats page with top miners above or equal block height 1000